You Have a Small Wang, I Have a Mega Boner for Your Girlfriend
ArtistJose & the Pussykats
TypeStudio Album
Genrebrutal biebercore, glam rock, new wave
Released  January 23, 2009 (recalled)
LabelBallsack Records
PreviousThe 8===D
NextI, Scene Kid

You Have a Small Wang, I Have a Mega Boner for Your Girlfriend is the second studio album from Jose & the Pussykats, and the final release before the band went on hiatus.

The album took a new direction with the band's style actually changing completely.  The sound was more deathcore-influenced, causing most people to label the album as brutal biebercore.  The only song retaining their glam roots is "Horny for LARPers".

The album came as a two disc set, with disc two consisting only of "Horny for LARPers", which is one hour in length.

The tracks "S.C.", "Asian D.I.L.F.", and "C-Wang" caused many Chinese men to become angry.  The lyrics were very racist.  All copies of the album have been recalled by Ballsack Records, and an image of the cover art could not be found online.

Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. We're Back, and We're All Gayer Than Ever
  2. S.C.
  3. Asian D.I.L.F.
  4. C-Wang
  5. Cock & Ball Torture
  6. JB Is tha Shizzle
  7. Bone Me, Bro!
  8. About Last Night...
  9. Banana Hammock
  10. Pubes In My Teeth
  11. 8==D O (The "O" Is a Man's Butthole, the Cock Is Mine)
  12. Gay Again
  13. Hot for Teacher [Van Halen cover]
  14. Just a Girl [No Doubt cover]

Disc 2

  1. Horny for LARPers