Yetic Empire: The EP Collection

EP collection art
sludge metal
ReleasedAugust 9, 2014
LabelRhino Records
PreviousThe Singles
NextLive at the Safe Lot

Yetic Empire is a box set containing six of Yeti's extended plays.

Track Listing

  1. Extreme Exigence
  2. Flayed, Bathed, and Split Wide Open
  3. Masochistic Yeti
  4. Bomb Calorimeter
  5. 8 Day Surgery
  6. U.F.Y. (Unidentified Flying Yeti)
  7. Extinct
  8. Transmogrified
  9. Dominion
  10. Banished to the Mountain Cave
  11. T.M.Z. (Thirty Mile Zone)
  12. Technical Difficulties
  13. Cheated by the System
  14. The Hog
  15. Nuismatist
  16. The Holy Priest
  17. Follow the Trail
  18. Re-Engineering the Apparatus
  20. Spawn of the Yeti
  21. The Hatred Burns with an Unquenchable Flame
  22. Heap of Decay
  23. Stay a Little Longer
  24. Yetic Strike
  25. Wet Cement
  26. Hole-In-the-Wall
  27. Nutcracker/Skullkrusher
  28. Instinct
  29. Gasland
  30. Crucified On Tent Poles
  31. Population Boom (Genocide)*
  32. Trippin' On Rocks*
  33. Pitch Shifter [Live at The Safe Lot, 2013]


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