Whore Metal

Stylistic Originsman-chorus, extreme metal
Typical Instrumentselectric guitar, bass, drums, dual vocals
Subgenreswhore/gore, bieberwhore

Whore Metal is a fusion of various extreme metal subgenres with man-chorus.


Whore metal primarily draws from sludge metal and death/doom.  Songs are typically slow to mid-tempoed.  The vocals are the central focus of the genre.  There are almost always two lead vocalists (or one vocalist performing two parts).  One vocalist uses masculine, often growled, vocals while the second vocalist uses a high-pitched moan.  The latter plays the role of a "whore" or "prostitute".  All parts are also performed by men. Whore metal also features what is called a stripdown.  This is similar to a breakdown.


Whore/gore is a fast paced, grind-influenced variation of the genre that often involves violent lyrical themes.
Bieberwhore fuses biebercore elements with whore metal.

Noteable Bands

Whore Metal