The death/grind band Yeti went on hiatus earlier this year.  Today, they released an EP they had been working on prior to splitting.

The first half of this EP is titled The Hate.  All tracks are written by the band's frontman, UFO.  The tracks combine blistering-fast grindcore with slow doom metal, but it's more than the band's signature sound.  This tim around there is a more experimental approach to the doom/grind genre Yeti helped spawn.

The second side of the EP is called Salami.  This half is written by Frosty, the band's guitarist.  The tracks on this side are in vein of the standard doom/grind sound but with a bit more groove on tracks like "Wet Cement" and "Hole-In-the-Wall".

This release may be the band's last with drum programmer General MIDI.  He left the band shortly after recording half of the tracks.  UFO programmed the drums for the second recording session.

Download link: Bandcamp

000 The Hate Salami (front cover)

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