Earlier this year, TsT S4K split up.  The band was created by General MIDI (ex-Yeti) and Vomit Bag.  They are known for pioneering the blackened techno genre.  Today, they reappeared out of the blue with their second studio album: High In July.

Free album download link: High In July on Bandcamp

High In July (cover art)

The album features 21 brand new tracks and a remix of their famous opus "Brutal Blackened Technocore".  A variety of guest musicians appear on the record, including Eric "Ed" Doughtry, Dickey, and Monoglio Feldalpus of the blackened techno band Los Borradores.


  • Let's Go
  • Mexin' It Up In the Truck
  • Technosplooge
  • Scenic Death
  • Piggy Bank
  • Brutal Blackened Technocore (Reprisal)
  • Jamaica 9000
  • Nukeopotomeus
  • Happy Birthday!
  • The Distributor of Swedish Fish

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