Lanny "E.T." Gordon, the founder/frontman of the Florida noisegrind band Morbid Clown, talks about his favorite grind albums of all time.

10: We Hate EP

One of the classics of doom/grind and a foundation for slam/grind.  This little 5-track EP by Urtek is crushingly heavy and very chaotic.

We Hate - Cover
Top track: "Political Fairies"

9: Pax Romana

More death than grind, but Octavian's Pax Romana is absolutely amazing.  What sets it apart is the atmosohere: very unerving and dark.

Pax romana art

8: Kistvaen

Kistvaen is an underground grind classic.  Malefic before they were blackened.  Low production quality is made up for by the skill and sheer intensity.

Kistvaen art

7: Ritual to the Great Beast EP

Yeti's groundbreaking EP.  The foundation of doom/grind.  Very underrated classic.  What sets it apart is the perfect mixture of grind, sludge, and ethereal synth parts.  Highly recommended.

A001 Ritual to the Great Beast - EP

6: Spire of Corpses

I guess this is the first "gore" album on my list.  Toxic Ingestion has sickening lyrics, technical instrumentation, and of course pure grinding chaos.

Spire of corpses
Top track: "Goremonger"

5: Defoliant

A definitive grind classic.  I would rank this alongside Scum and World Downfall.  Side B kicks the most ass.

Defoliant art

4: War Beast

This is Shepherd of Darkness's upcoming second album.  I got a chance to listen to the rough mix when Morbid Clown played live with them.  This just might dominate their first album.

War beast art

3: Kraken Machine

I know I sang on this one, but Kraken Machine will always be on of my favorites.  Grind on brothers!

Kraken Machine cover

2: Armored Column

The progressive, melodic side of grind.  Entrenched have always been a favorite of mine, and this album tops their discography.

Armored column art
Top track: "All Things Dead"

1: Suffocated

Funeral grinding insanity.  This album is crushing on a whole new level.  Pure classic.

Suffocated art
Top tracks: "Razor Wire Carnage" and "Corpsefield"

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