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    The death metal supergroup Beachhead has announced that they will be changing their lineup soon.  They will be playing one final live show with the current lineup on November 21.  The band's lineup features members from bands such as Toxic Ingestion, Sarcophagus, and Octavian.

    George Master, the band's drummer, comments:

    "This will be our last live show before we assemble a new Beachhead lineup.  We will be playing our new album, Ishmael, in its entirety.  We had a great run with this lineup and puts our hearts and minds into the music.  As soon as we get a new lineup, we will begin working on our third album."

    The lineup for the show features bands that some Beachhead members play in.

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  • Full Yeti Grand Master

    Black Gallows

    November 13, 2014 by Full Yeti Grand Master

    Wargore Records has announced another live set at their studio. The lineup features Silent Dirge, Malefic, Crop Duster, Grendel, and Funeral Inception.

    Date: November 19

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    Juho Kivi (aka "Vomit Bag"), the founder of Rhino Records, has announced plans for a live set on November 5.  The concet will be held at Wargore Records studios.

    • Morbid Clown
    • Noiz Pollution (headliner)
    • TsT S4K
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    Two album launch shows have been announced:

    The launch show for Silent Dirge's Intrinsic.  Dubbed "Helloween Night".  Show Lineup: Silent Dirge, XENO, Malefic, Cryptic Wisdom, Octavian, and Bio-Genesis

    Venue: Wargore Studios

    The launch show for Empire of Entrails's Progression to Bloodlust.  Lineup: Empire of Entrails, Beachhead, Entrenched, and Vile Residuum.  Morbid Clown might also be making an appearance.

    Venue: TBA

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    Lanny "E.T." Gordon, the founder/frontman of the Florida noisegrind band Morbid Clown, talks about his favorite grind albums of all time.

    One of the classics of doom/grind and a foundation for slam/grind.  This little 5-track EP by Urtek is crushingly heavy and very chaotic.

    Top track: "Political Fairies"

    More death than grind, but Octavian's Pax Romana is absolutely amazing.  What sets it apart is the atmosohere: very unerving and dark.

    Kistvaen is an underground grind classic.  Malefic before they were blackened.  Low production quality is made up for by the skill and sheer intensity.

    Yeti's groundbreaking EP.  The foundation of doom/grind.  Very underrated classic.  What sets it apart is the perfect mixture of grind, sludge, and ethereal syn…

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