TsT S4K comp
ArtistTsT S4K
Genreblackened techno
Released  January 3, 2014
LabelRhino Records
Previous226 Milkw33d
NextRhino Records Sampler
Dance Floor Hits

alternate cover art

TsT S4K: Dance Floor Hits for Black Metal Fans, also simply known as TsT S4K, is a compilation album by the blackened techno duo TsT S4K.

The compilation consists of ten songs off of the the band's two previous releases: 225 Milkweed and 226 Milkw33d.  Each track has been retitled and given a subtitle to mock black metal.  A note was provided with the album:

"Dear Black Metal Fan,
The final and ultimate compilation of the greatest BLACK METAL tunes from the most tr00, KVLT black metal band ever: TsT S4K, because nothing is shittier than black metal and techno. ;)
Vomit Bag

TsT S4K split up shortly after the release of the compilation.

Track Listing

  1. Speed Demon (Faster Than Fenriz)
  2. Blackened Kvlt
  3. WarsaW (So tr00)
  4. Facist (NSBM)
  5. A Slow Death (aka Black Metal)
  6. Shredded (More Talented Than Samot)
  7. Please Excuse the Interruption; We Have to Get the BIG PIG On Stage (To Butcher It Like Gorgoroth Did)
  8. P.R.M.M. (tr00ly kvlt)
  9. M.J.S. (Still Faster Than Fenriz)
  10. 0" (More Kvlt Than Marduk)


  • Vomit Bag - keyboards, drums, guitar synth, vocals
  • General MIDI - drum programming
  • Ed - guitars, vocals (track 7)

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