Throes of Sorrow

Throes of sorrow art
ArtistCryptic Wisdom
TypeStudio Album
Genreprogressive death metal
neoclassical metal
ReleasedMay 29, 2010
LabelWargore Records
PreviousSwallowed by the Desire of Self
NextSower of Discord

Throes of Sorrow is the third album released by the progressive death metal band Cryptic Wisdom.  The album continues the story from their previous album.

Track Listing

  1. Deceived
  2. Hell's Gates
  3. Relinquished
  4. There Must be Something More
  5. Dead Set
  6. Onslaught
  7. The Bane of Humanity
  8. A Deeper Meaning
  9. Inner Lust


  • Budd Kimmlin - vocals, bass
  • Samuel Jokim - guitars
  • Roscoe Jofena - guitars
  • Moe Lacey - drums

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