The Legacy

000 The Legacy (front cover)
TypeExtended Play
Genresludge metal, death/grind
Released  February 8, 2014
LabelRhino Records
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The Legacy is an EP released by the extreme metal band Yeti.  It is the first release by the band to feature their new logo.

The release is a concept EP.  The story is detailed on the official bandcamp page:

"The YETI, deprived of his tool of destruction, sets out to rebuild his once great empire.  Only one brave warrior stands in the beast's way.  He is the only surviving member of the LEGACY, a mystical order of mankind's greatest warriors.  He is the last in the line of warriors sworn to protect mankind from all evils.  His name... is TRAN."

The Album comes with a variety of special features.

Track Listing

  1. The Holy Priest
  2. Follow the Trail
  3. Re-Engineering the Apparatus
  4. Tran: Legacy


Bonus Features