The Last Kingdom

The last kingdom art
TypeStudio Album
Genreblackened death metal
technical death metal
ReleasedDecember 16, 2008
LabelWargore Records
PreviousCoat of Arms
NextThe Last Kingdom II

The Last Kingdom is the first album by the Kansas death metal band Gored.

Track Listing

  1. Children of God
  2. Taken
  3. Between Hazel Branches
  4. To Reap and to Grind
  5. The Wild Hunt
  6. Nests of Vipers
  7. Serpent-Breath & Wasp-Sting
  8. The Wailing
  9. Corpse-Ripper
  10. The Blood Feud I: Wedding at Yule
  11. The Blood Feud II: The Hall-Burning
  12. The Blood Feud III: Raking Through the Embers
  13. The Blood Feud IV: The Hoard


  • Stephen Kane - guitars, acoustic guitars, vocals
  • Gerald Hokman - bass, vocals
  • Brian Laego - drums

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