The Hog

The Hog - EP
TypeExtended Play
Genredeath/grind, powerviolence, man-chorus
Released  January 25, 2014
LabelRhino Records
PreviousYeti / TsT S4K
NextThe Legacy

The Hog is the third EP from the Himalayan band Yeti.

Track Listing

  1. Technical Difficulties
  2. Cheated by the System (We Hate)
  3. The Hog
  4. Nuismatist
  5. Factoring Spaceship*
  6. O.A.E.B.C.R.*
  7. Mark and the Mormon Biscuits*
  8. Tank Commander*
  9. Drunk at the Football Game*
  10. Volcanologist*
  11. Camelopards*
  12. Beast On Beast On Beast*

[*]bonus tracks from 8th Grade Field Trip


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