The Expiration

ArtistToxic Ingestion
TypeExtended Play
Released  September 2, 2011
LabelWargore Records
PreviousSpire of Corpses
NextGore Storm

The Expiration is an EP released by the goregrind band Toxic Ingestion.

The songs feature a more straight-forward structure as opposed to the technical metal the band is known for.

Travis Shreever of Sarcophagus performs vocals in place of the sample of Joseph Kallinger on "Sea of Cartilage".

Track Listing

  1. Gore Supreme
  2. Lick My Fingers Clean
  3. Sea of Cartilage (Aborted cover)
  4. Counting Down the Days
  5. The Expiration


  • Sharman Dawson - vocals
  • Travis Shreever (Sarcophagus) - guest vocals on "Sea of Cartilage"
  • Tim Master - guitars
  • Harold Neech - bass
  • Norman Price - drums