Suffocated art
ArtistShepherd of Darkness
TypeStudio Album
Genrefuneral grinddoom/grind
44:01 (digipak)
54:45 (special edition)
ReleasedJune 16, 2013
LabelWargore Records
PreviousDedicated to Death
NextWar Beast

Suffocated is the first full-length studio album released by the death metal band Shepherd of Darkness.

The album is considered a doom/grind classic, along with Yeti's Ritual to the Great Beast and Urtek's We Hate.

Track Listing

  1. Dawn of the Day of Doom
  2. 20mm Death
  3. The Shepherd's Flock
  4. Blown Apart
  5. Shrapnel (Imbedded In Your Skull)
  6. Razor Wire Carnage
  7. Carpet Bomb
  8. Corpsefield
  9. Suffocated by Life (Resuscitated by Death)
  10. Created to Kill*
  11. To the Last Man*
  12. Day 69 (Decapitated cover)*

Special Edition Tracks from Dedicated to Death

  1. Reincremation (Suffocation cover)
  2. Survival Reaction (Solstice cover)
  3. Eternal War (Bolt Thrower cover)
  4. The Great Depression (Misery Index cover)

[*]digipak bonus tracks


  • Luis Carmikle - guitars, vocals
  • Sano - guitars
  • J. Kilic - bass, vocals
  • Danny Guko - drums

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