Sin Perdón

Sin perdon single art
ArtistShepherd of Darkness
AlbumWar Beast
Genrefuneral grind, melodic death metal
Released  July 3, 2014
LabelWargore Records

Sin Perdón is the second single from Shepherd of Darkness's second full-length, War Beast.

Track Info

  • Sin Perdón
    The title track of the single is a more progressive take in the band's typical slam/grind sound.  The song features melodic riffs along with the usual slams.  This somewhat parallels what bands like Cattle Decapitation and Aborted have been doing.
  • La Vida
    The second track is split into two parts.  The first, "La Vida", is an acoustic intro.
  • La Muerte
    "La Muerte" picks up after "La Vida" with a variety of blast beats, gravity rolls, slams, and grindy riffs.  The track ends the single with a funeral slam.

Track Listing

  1. Sin Perdón
  2. La Vida/La Muerte


  • Luis Carmikle - guitars, acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Sano - guitars, acoustic guitar
  • J. Kilic - bass, acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Danny Guko - drums

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