Sexxx 1: Intimate Experiences

TypeStudio Album/Demo
Genreglam rock
Released  October 10, 2000
NextSexxx 2: Harder

Sexxx 1: Intimate Experiences was an album recorded in 2000 by the band Sexxx. The album remains unfinished to this day.

The album is a solid example of generic hair metal, with flashy guitar solos and sexual lyrics. The band intended to make a music video for the album, but ended up running out of money.

Due to how much the album sucked, a copy of the actual album is very rare, because most were destroyed by unhappy listeners. However, despite its rarity, a copy of the album actually has no value, because nobody wants it. 

Track Listing

All songs written by Luis O'Connor.

  1. Sexxxplosion
  2. Sexxx Attack
  3. Super Guitar Player
  4. Long Live Hair Metal
  5. Sexxx-girlfriend
  6. Brutal Hair Metal
  7. Wa-changa!