Rhino Records

099 Rhino Records Logo
FounderVomit Bag
Genreextreme music
LocationIi, Finland


Rhino Records is a Finnish record label specializing in extreme metal.


Rhino Records was founded in 2013 by a Ii native known only as Vomit Bag.  He grew up, a fan of Swedish bands like Carnage and Entombed, with a desire to produce for extreme metal bands without restraining their music.  His moto is "for the bands, fuck the money!"

Vomit Bag explained the logo in an interview:

"The Rhino in the logo reprisents the label, and the guitarist represents the band.  They have full control of their music.  As for the mushroom cloud, well, that represents the explosion of the artist's creativity!"



  • Noiz Pollution
  • Titanium Finger

Formerly Signed

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