Reaper of Souls

ArtistFall of Majesty
TypeStudio Album

thrash metal
death metal
first wave black metal

Length19:43 (side A)
20:02 (side B)
ReleasedNovember 4, 1989
LabelAcid Records
PreviousShrouded In Hate

Reaper of Souls is the fourth studio album released by the thrash metal band Fall of Majesty.  It was the second album they released in 1989, after Shrouded In Hate.  On this album, the band begins to shift towards the death metal style of their later albums.

Track Listing

Side A

  1. The Nightmare Begins
  2. Pestilence
  3. Trail of Blood
  4. Razor Knife
  5. Death Descends

Side B

  1. Temporary Rebirth
  2. The Reapers of Souls
  3. Heavy Breathing
  4. Vile Massacre
  5. Bleeding Out


  • Peter Radley - bass, vocals
  • Will Abner - lead guitar
  • Lewis Blackmore - guitars
  • Josh Luker - drums

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