Raining Guts

Raining guts single
ArtistToxic Ingestion
AlbumGore Storm
Genregoregrind, industrial metal
Released  March 3, 2014
LabelWargore Records

Raining Guts is a single released by the band Toxic Ingestion.  It is the band's very first single.

Tim Master, the guitarist of Toxic Ingestion, explained the single in an interview:

"We've got a single, our first single actually.  It's called 'Raining Guts'.  We were obviously inspired by Slayer's masterpiece.  The best part of it, I think, is this cool breakdown thing we do in the middle of 'Raining Guts'.  The General's drum program is just so fuckin' heavy in that part.  It's unbelievable! Makes you wanna go crazy or some shit."

Track Listing

  1. Raining Guts
  2. For Gore & Glory


  • Sharman Dawson - vocals
  • Tim Master - guitars
  • Harold Neech - bass
  • General MIDI - drum programming

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