Progression to Bloodlust

Prog to bloodlust art
ArtistEmpire of Entrails
TypeStudio Album
Genreslam death metal
ReleasedNovember 2, 2014
LabelWarmonger Records
PreviousEmpire Reprisal

Progression to Bloodlust is the third album from the slam death metal band Empire of Entrails.

Track Listing

  1. Blood Surge
  2. Juggerworm
  3. Progression to Bloodlust
  4. Tendrils
  5. The Road to Our Demise
  6. Power Struggle
  7. Cybernetic Implants
  8. Sphere
  9. Pathogenesis
  10. Bastard*

[*]hidden track


  • Samuel Harkson - guitars
  • Mike Tilde - guitars
  • Richard Gimsey - bass, vocals
  • Mason X - drums
  • Illuminus - guest vocals (track 5)

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