Politically Corrupt

Politically Corrupt art
ArtistMorbid Clown
TypeStudio Album
ReleasedSeptember 8, 2014
LabelRhino Records
PreviousGreen Peace
NextAshes of the Wake
001 Politically Corrupt

Promo cover

Politically Corrupt is the first release by the grindcore band Morbid Clown.

The album features former Fall of Majesty vocalist Peter Radley on two tracks.

Track Listing

  1. Mudslinger
  2. Calling Card (666)
  3. Defoliation Process
  4. Swine Farm, USA
  5. Carcinogenic Catastrophe
  6. Protector
  7. Steel Raptors
  8. Flayed, Bathed, and Split Wide Open (Yeti cover)
  9. Kennedy Conspiracy
  10. Give Homage to the Idol
  11. Silent Spring
  12. Suicidal Soldiers
  13. Valhall
  14. War Machine
  15. Ad Nauseam
  16. Evolutionary Submission
  17. Green Peace (Nape 'Em)
  18. Self-Immolation
  19. Red
  20. 1:19
  21. Banquet of the Elite
  22. This Is the End
  23. The Hangman's Noose
  24. The Apologist
  25. This Is the End (Demo)*

[*]bonus track


  • E.T. - noise, guitars, vocals
  • UFO - vocals
  • Ike - drums
  • Peter Radley - guest vocals (tracks 8 & 15)

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