Monoglio Feldalpus

BornAugust 21, 1977 (age 36)
Genreglam rock, rap metal, blackened techno
Instrumentsbass guitar, synthesizer
Years Active1995-2007, 2013-present
LabelBallsack Records
Associated ActsSexxx, Rubber ApparatusesLos BorradoresJose & the Pussykats

Monoglio Feldalpus (born August 21, 1974 in Medicine Hat, Canada) was the bassist in Sexxx and Rubber Apparatuses from 1995 to 2007. In 2013, he started a Blackened Techno band, Los Borradores.


Early Life

Feldalpus was born in Medicine Hat, Canada. As a child, he proved to have a phenomenal aptitude for driving remote control cars.  In 1992, Feldalpus was offered a job in remote control car racing in Odessa, Texas. After winning his twenty-ninth tournament, however, he won a bass guitar as a prize.  Even though he was constantly on top of the world of remote control car racing, Feldalpus knew his passion was the bass guitar, and he got a gig with the hair band Sexxx.

He played in Sexxx and Rubber Apparatuses from 1995-2007. During this time, he didn't make any money.


In 2008, Feldalpus moved to Monterrey, Mexico to work as a gas station attendant. However, in 2013, he heard TsT S4K's "Brutal Blackened Technocore" for the first time. Feldalpus said, "I have played bass for 18 years, and I have never heard something so brutal, tender, sexual, and aggressive in my entire life." The song inspired him to create a blackened techno band called Los Borradores.  They released an album in 2013 that was met with favorable reviews from critics and look to be a band on the rise.

Jose & the Pussykats

Monoglio officially became the studio and live bass player for Jose & the Pussykats.