001 Masochist - EP
TypeExtended Play
Genredeath/grind, goregrind
Released  October 28, 2013
LabelRhino Records
PreviousBeast of the 4th Degree
NextRitual to the Great Beast

Masochist is the first EP released by Himalayan extreme metal band Yeti.  The release saw a shift to a more grindcore-influenced sound.

Track 2 was recorded live at the Safe Lot.

The monologue at the end of "Extreme Exigence" is from The Crucible by Arthur Miller.

Track Listing

  1. Extreme Exigence (Retaliation Against Context)
  2. Pitch Shifter [Live]
  3. Flayed, Bathed, and Split Wide Open
  4. Masochistic Yeti
  5. Bomb Calorimeter
  6. 8Day (Surgery)


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