Los Michelines
ArtistLos Borradores
TypeStudio Album
blackened techno
ReleasedJuly 2, 2014
LabelBallsack Records
PreviousThe Future 2.0

Los Michelines is the third album released by blackened techno artist Los Borradores.

The album consists of one 24-hour track.  Monoglio Feldalpus commented:

"I recorded the whole album in one take.  It took an entire day.  Not only do you get the songs, but you get the sound inbetween.  It's far-out!"

The album's title translates to "The Lovehandles".

Track Listing

  1. Los Michelines
    • Mexican Truck
    • Country Sucks
    • Michelines
    • untitled
    • Los Borradores
    • Devil Leaf
    • GAtewaY
    • untitled 2
    • untitled 3 (Tres)
    • Cuatro - Cinco
    • Happy
    • Unhappy
    • (&$&)
    • De-Flowering Process
    • High In July (A Tribute to the Sack)
    • MonoFed
    • In Detail
    • 0" (TsT S4K cover)
    • Penal
    • Cock-Rock Days Past
    • The Road Home
    • No oFence
    • Jumper
    • Electronic Blues
    • A Day's Work
    • M. Suicide...


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