Juan P. Rodriguez

BornOctober 23, 1987
DiedMay 13, 2013 (age 25)
Instrumentselectric guitar, bass guitar, vocals
Years Active2005-2008, 2011-2013
Associated ActsTracheal Scum

Juan Pablo Rodriguez (23 October 1987 - 15 May 2013) was the guitarist for the San Francisco grind band Tracheal Scum.


Formation of Tracheal Scum (2005-2008)

In 2005, Juan was approached by the Álvarez brothers, Diego and Santiago, about joining their band Tracheal Scum.  He agreed and joined as the second guitarist.  Over the next couple of years, the band would write songs about anarchy, politics and beer.  They played a few shows at small bars.

In 2008, Santiago was involved in a fatal car accident.  The band was deeply affected by this, especially Santiago's brother, Diego, who decided to split up the band.

Reformation of Tracheal Scum (2011-2013)

After a few years, Juan and Julian decided to begin writing some new material.  They eventually got Diego back into the band.  They finished up the new material, recorded it and released their first demo, Neckbrace.  Only 50 copies were ever made and distributed.

In 2013, Juan began to work at Taco Bell where he met General MIDI.  Upon discovering the General's desire to start a band, he invited him to join Tracheal Scum.  They were working on their second demo at the time, but it was never finished.  Juan, Diego, and Julian were gunned down at Juan's house by a local gang on May 13.