Jóse Morenna

BornJanuary 3, 1989 (age 25)
Genreglam rock, new wave, biebercore
Instrumentselectric guitar, vocals
Years Active2006-2010, 2014-present
LabelBallsack Records
Associated ActsJose & the Pussykats

Jóse Morenna (born January 3, 1989) is the frontman of the glam rock band Jose & the Pussykats.  He is alos the only member who doesn't use a stage name.


Early Life (1989-2005)

Jóse Morenna grew up in a bad part of San Francisco.  His parents were murdered when he was only 10.  His grandmother helped him get back on his feet, and she introduced him to glam metal.  His favorite bands were Poison and Mötley Crüe.  He was also one of Steel Panther's first fans.

Jose and the Pussykats (2006-2010)

In 2006, Jóse started his own glam band called Jose & the Pussykats.  They became part of the new wave of cock-rock.  They released two albums, but all three members were forced to go into hiding when Chinese men reacted negatively to their second album.

I, Scene Kid (2014-present)

In 2014, JPk reformed with the intent to record a thrid album and tour under heavy security.