Into the Gaping Maw

Into the gaping maw ep cover art
TypeExtended Play
ReleasedMay 3, 2014
PreviousKraken Machine

Into the Gaping Maw is an EP released by the death metal supergroup Beachhead.  The EP comes as part of the special edition Kraken Machine and as a separate release.

Track Listing

  1. Into the Gaping Maw
  2. Reduced to Ashes (Deeds of Flesh cover)
  3. Bomb Calorimeter (Yeti cover)
  4. Drowned In Torment (Bolt Thrower cover)
  5. Gdansk


  • E.T. - vocals
  • Tim Master - guitars, vocals
  • Roscoe Jofena - lead guitar
  • Candace Eliche - bass
  • George Master - drums
  • Travis Shreever - guest vocals (track 3)

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