I, Scene Kid
ArtistJose & the Pussykats
TypeStudio Album
Genrebrutal biebercore
Released  March 5, 2014
LabelBallsack Records
PreviousYou Have a Small Wang

I, Scene Kid is the third studio album released by the band Jose & the Pussykats.  It is their first album since the disasterous release of You Have a Small Wang, I Have a Mega Boner for Your Girlfriend.

The album's lyrics criticize people who aren't into the "scene".  Because of this, the album has been criticized by the heavy metal community.  Monoglio Feldalpus has stated that he regrets lending his talents to this record.

Track Listing

  1. Mosh
  2. Death Metal Sucks (Ass)
  3. Slayer = Metallica = Gay
  4. Sk8rs Get All the Biotches
  5. Fake Face
  6. Spiked Hair
  7. Killing Metalheads
  8. Suck Our Dicks/You're the Posers!
  9. Asking Alexandria (Rocks My World)
  10. B.V.B. Bitch!
  11. Hair On My Genitals