Gas Attack

Gas attack art
TypeStudio Album
ReleasedApril 7, 2006
LabelWargore Records
PreviousIn the Trenches
NextThe Art of War

Gas Attack is an album released by the death/grind band Entrenched.

The tracks "Kill to Live" and "Gas Attack" are staples in the band's live sets.

The album was re-released on vinyl along with In the Trenches.

Track Listing

  1. Blinded
  2. Junta
  3. Peace (Is NOT an Option)
  4. War Drags On
  5. Toppled Regime
  6. Nerve Agents
  7. Violence Is Certain
  8. Kill to Live
  9. Gas Attack
  10. Black Death
  11. Figurehead Publicly Beheaded
  12. Human Prey (Terrorizer cover)
  13. Post-War Blues


  • Attila - bass, vocals
  • Hannibal - guitars, vocals
  • Spartacus - guitars
  • Achilles - drums

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