Empire of Entrails

Empire of entrails album art
ArtistEmpire of Entrails
TypeStudio Album
Genreslam death metal, goregrind
Released  October 19, 2001
LabelBallsack Records
NextThe Road to Our Demise

Empire of Entrails is the first album released by the slam metal band Empire of Entrails.

The album was released on Ballsack Records, who soon dropped the band.  In 2011, Empire of Entrails fought the label for the rights to the album.  The lawsuit was won in 2012 by the band.

Track Listing

  1. Pathogen
  2. Spreading Virulent
  3. The Empire of Entrails
  4. Death of the First Born
  5. Slime
  6. Rotten to the Core
  7. Impaled
  8. Vlad the Torturer
  9. Extra Juicy
  10. Disembowel the Tyrant
  11. Skin-Eater
  12. Hammer Smashed Face [Cannibal Corpse cover]


  • Richard Gimsey - bass, vocals
  • Samuel Harkson - guitars
  • Mike Tilde - guitars
  • Norman Price - drums