Dr. Pussy

BornMay 1, 1936
DiedApril 1, 2012 (age 75)
Genreglam rock, new wave, biebercore
Instrumentsbass guitar, vocals
Years Active2006-2010
LabelBallsack Records
Associated ActsJose & the Pussykats

Dr. Pussy (born Jay Sanders on May 1, 1936) was a gay performer and a member of the glam metal band Jose & the Pussykats.


Early Life (1936-1945)

Jay Sanders was born in Las Vegas on May 1, 1936.  Not much is known about his childhood, except that he was sexually abused repeatedly by his father and grandfather, Jim and Horace Sanders.  In a 2008 interview, Jay made a statement on the abuse:

"My dad and grandpa would lure me into a bedroom with some candy.  They would lock the door, and my dad gave it to me from behind while my grandpa choked me [with his cock]."

In 1942, Jay's father joined the army.  Two years later, his grandfather was arrested for raping Jay in the public square.  He died in prison later that year in a shower room gang bang. His dad committed suicide in Europe.

Charlie's Gay Carnival (1953-1955)

In 1953, at age 17, Jay joined Charlie's Gay Carnival.  It was a secret travelling circus that performed homosexual shows for small communities. Jay was part of the "gay-orgy" act, and he earned the nickname "Dr. Pussy" because he took it in the ass like a top-quality female prostitute.  In 1955, the police raided the circus, but Jay was able to escape.

Jose & the Pussykats and Death (2006-2012)

Between 1955 and 2006, Jay worked as a gay prostitute, using the name "Dr. Pussy".  In 1977, Dr. Pussy was given a bass guitar as payment for his services.  He would later join the glam rock band Jose & the Pussykats in 2006 after blowing the band's frontman, Jóse Morenna, at Disney World.  The band released two albums before going into hiding after offending the entire Chinese male population.

Dr. Pussy was killed on April 1, 2012.  The cause of death is not known, but two theories exist.  One theory suggests it was the act of offended Chinese men.  The second suggests it was an April Fools' joke gone wrong.