Dark Recesses of the 4th Degree

001 Dark Recesses of the Fourth Degree
TypeStudio Album
Genresludge metal, man-chorus, crossover thrash
Released  unreleased
NextBeast of the 4th Degree

Dark Recesses of the 4th Degree is the first album by the Himalayan extreme metal band Yeti.

Most of the album was recorded without drums; however, General MIDI joined the band halfway through recording.

After the album was recorded, it drew the attention of Rhino Records. The label deamed about two-thirds of the album "unlistenable," so a compilation, titled Beast of the 4th Degree, was released with the quality material through Bandcamp.  At present, Dark Recesses of the 4th Degree remains unreleased with only three CD copies in existence.

A music video was shot for the song "Mad Money" depicting UFO and Frosty performing the song in a small room.  They use various props to convey the message about the song, including a stone pig.

Track listing

  1. Yeti Blues
  2. Biebercore
  3. Bajigger
  4. Child Experiments
  5. Hogan
  6. Dark Recesses
  7. seXXX
  8. John's Ode to Latin
  9. Mad Money
  10. Whoretank
  11. Stackin' Rocks
  12. Arts & Crafts
  13. Yetish Fetish
  14. Jose & the Pussykats
  15. Heatseeker
  16. Beast On Beast
  17. Wow, That's Cool
  18. Dark Mountainside
  19. Nacht der un Yeti
  20. Lick-a-d-split
  21. Ronny oJo
  22. Chicken Mongler
  23. Awkward Squat/Dick Stare
  24. GWB
  25. The Colour
  26. Sage In a Cage
  27. br00t4L Gold Bond
  28. sixxx9 (Black Rabbit)
  29. Luuurk
  30. Plunger
  31. Horn
  32. Dick-Waving Contest
  33. Santillana
  34. Santillana/Bored As Hell


Additional Personnel

  • 2Cocks
  • Lil' Wang
  • Yo Crunch!