Brutal Biebercore

01 brutal biebercore single
AlbumThy Master
Tribute to Our Predecessors
Genredeath/grind, industrial metal
Released  February 26, 2014
LabelRhino Records

Brutal Biebercore is a single released by the band Yeti to promote their upcoming album Thy Master.

The song "Brutal Biebercore" is a re-recording of the song "#Biebercore" form the band's first album Dark Recesses of the 4th Degree.  The band's close friend, E.T., provides guest vocals on the track.

The single also features a brand new track, "Among the M.U.N.G.", and a cover of Nine Inch Nails's "Wish".

Track Listing

  1. Brutal Biebercore
  2. Among the M.U.N.G.
  3. Wish [Nine Inch Nails cover]


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