Box of Weed

ArtistSkynni DipperZ
TypeBoxed Set
Genrepsychedelic rock, stoner metal
Released  April 20, 2014
LabelBallsack Records
PreviousParticle Desert
NextThe Sacred Pot

Box of Weed is a boxed set released by Ballsack Records of albums previously released by the acid rock band Skynni DipperZ.

The set comes with every album released by the band, from Bubba and Me to Smokin' the Vine.  All of these albums were originally released on Acid Records, which went out of business in 2000.

The fifth disc is a compilation of the band's two demos and cover songs titled Skynni Demos.  The untitled track from Cookoo On the Choochoo is called "Jack Weed" on this disc.


Bubba and Me

  1. Holy Smoke
  2. Bad Acid Trip
  3. Blow the Joint
  4. Drip
  5. 7-Pointed Leaf
  6. Hooker with a Hookah
  7. QuickFix
  8. Take a Trip with Me
  9. Trip Out of This World


  1. Low
  2. Smooth
  3. Falling from My Pillow
  4. EyE
  5. The Great Traveler
  6. Purple Skies
  7. Euphoriadict
  8. Underground Garden
  9. Alchemy
  10. It's NOT Poison
  11. Head-Over-Heels
  12. ((([])))
  13. On My Pedistal, Way Up High


  1. Hookah
  2. Pebbles & Stones
  3. Peace - Love - Weed
  4. Gorgeous Woman
  5. Among the Trees
  6. Happy with My Bong
  7. Psyched Out

Smokin' the Vine

  1. Cuddle
  2. Rock 'n' Roll On Acid
  3. Smokin' the Vine
  4. Pool of Sorrow
  5. Sex On Drugs
  6. Dark Is the Night
  7. The Package
  8. My Inner Self
  9. I Don't Drink
  10. Getting High at Night

Skynni Demos

  1. Bad Acid Trip
  2. Blow the Joint
  3. Hooker with a Hookah
  4. Jack Weed
  5. Holy Smoke
  6. A Lacerated Forehead and a Headband Full of the Good Stuff
  7. Fix
  8. Drip... Drip...
  9. A Funeral Request [Cathedral cover]
  10. Holy Water [Soundgarden cover]
  11. Scream of the Butterfly [Acid Bath cover]
  12. Eternal Frost [Winter cover]


  • Jay Stöpenmyer
  • Karl Varr
  • Däv Kornwallace
  • Jordan Someson
  • Jasmine Ivy
  • Jack Sykes
  • The Wizzard