Bo J's

ArtistSkynni DipperZ
TypeStudio Album
Released  February 19, 2002
LabelBallsack Records
PreviousSmokin' the Vine
NextParticle Desert

Bo J's is the first album released by Skynni DipperZ on their new label, Ballsack Records.

The album was poorly received by fans and critics alike.  Many people blame the poor quality of the music on Ballsack Records, as the music is not their characteristic sound.  Karl Varr commented on the studio's handling of the recording:

"We weren't aloud to get high during the sessions.  Ed said drugs would only slow us down.  He was too worried about the money.  He also didn't like Wizz's sitar, so he burried it in the mix.  We got so fed up that we didn't even bother to name any of the songs, which we didn't write.  Blame B.S.R. for that."

Track Listing

  1. Sweat Sack
  2. untitled
  3. untitled
  4. untitled
  5. untitled
  6. untitled
  7. untitled
  8. untitled


  • Karl Varr - guitars, vocals
  • Jay Stöpenmyer - bass
  • Däv Kornwallace - vocals
  • Jack Sykes - drums
  • Wizzard - sitar