ArtistBlack Vomitor
TypeStudio Album
Genreblack metal, death/doom
Released  November 7, 2000
PreviousBlack Vomit
NextPure Self-Harm

Bloodsoaked is the first studio album released by the black metal band Black Vomitor.

The album was recorded and mixed in the basement of the Eliche's home in Paducah, Kentucky.

Track Listing

  1. Black Night
  2. Cyclopse
  3. Made of Wood
  4. Screams of Anguish
  5. Bloodsaoked
  6. Lust
  7. Seven Points
  8. Blackened Day


  • Maynard Chesterman - guitars
  • Herbert Eliche - guitars, vocals
  • Candace Eliche - bass
  • Brett Ooman - drums

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