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    The death metal supergroup Beachhead has announced that they will be changing their lineup soon.  They will be playing one final live show with the current lineup on November 21.  The band's lineup features members from bands such as Toxic Ingestion, Sarcophagus, and Octavian.

    George Master, the band's drummer, comments:

    "This will be our last live show before we assemble a new Beachhead lineup.  We will be playing our new album, Ishmael, in its entirety.  We had a great run with this lineup and puts our hearts and minds into the music.  As soon as we get a new lineup, we will begin working on our third album."

    The lineup for the show features bands that some Beachhead members play in.

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    Black Gallows

    November 13, 2014 by Full Yeti Grand Master

    Wargore Records has announced another live set at their studio. The lineup features Silent Dirge, Malefic, Crop Duster, Grendel, and Funeral Inception.

    Date: November 19

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    Juho Kivi (aka "Vomit Bag"), the founder of Rhino Records, has announced plans for a live set on November 5.  The concet will be held at Wargore Records studios.

    • Morbid Clown
    • Noiz Pollution (headliner)
    • TsT S4K
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    Two album launch shows have been announced:

    The launch show for Silent Dirge's Intrinsic.  Dubbed "Helloween Night".  Show Lineup: Silent Dirge, XENO, Malefic, Cryptic Wisdom, Octavian, and Bio-Genesis

    Venue: Wargore Studios

    The launch show for Empire of Entrails's Progression to Bloodlust.  Lineup: Empire of Entrails, Beachhead, Entrenched, and Vile Residuum.  Morbid Clown might also be making an appearance.

    Venue: TBA

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    Lanny "E.T." Gordon, the founder/frontman of the Florida noisegrind band Morbid Clown, talks about his favorite grind albums of all time.

    One of the classics of doom/grind and a foundation for slam/grind.  This little 5-track EP by Urtek is crushingly heavy and very chaotic.

    Top track: "Political Fairies"

    More death than grind, but Octavian's Pax Romana is absolutely amazing.  What sets it apart is the atmosohere: very unerving and dark.

    Kistvaen is an underground grind classic.  Malefic before they were blackened.  Low production quality is made up for by the skill and sheer intensity.

    Yeti's groundbreaking EP.  The foundation of doom/grind.  Very underrated classic.  What sets it apart is the perfect mixture of grind, sludge, and ethereal syn…

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    Morbid Clown will be headlining a live show at Wargore Studios on September 10.

    Shepherd of Darkness and Entrenched will also be performing brand new material off of their upcoming albums.

    • Crop Duster
    • Entrenched
    • Morbid Clown (main act)
    • Octavian
    • Shepherd of Darkness
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  • Full Yeti Grand Master

    Wargore Records announced on July 15 that select fan-favorite albums are going to be reissued on vinyl.  The albums selected are listed below.  Release date: September 1, 2014.

    • Entrenched - In the Trenches

    • Entrenched - Gas Attack

    • Malefic - Esoterimanica

    • Renegade/Renegade Metal - Dust to Dust

    • Sarcophagus - Nuclear Nightmare

    • Toxic Ingestion - The New Holocaust

    • Toxic Ingestion - Birthed for the Death of Humanity


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  • Full Yeti Grand Master

    Earlier today, Wargore Records announced the War, Gore, & Grind Tour.  The tour will hit three cities in Florida:

    • Tampa (at Wargore Recording Studio) - July 6
    • Miami - July 7
    • Jacksonville - July 9

    The following bands will be performing:

    • Beachhead (co-headliner)
    • Crop Duster (newest addition to Wargore lineup)
    • Entrenched
    • Gored
    • Malefic
    • Post-Human A.D.
    • Sarcophagus
    • Shepherd of Darkness (headliner)
    • Toxic Ingestion (co-headliner)
    • Vile Residuum
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    The death/grind band Yeti went on hiatus earlier this year.  Today, they released an EP they had been working on prior to splitting.

    The first half of this EP is titled The Hate.  All tracks are written by the band's frontman, UFO.  The tracks combine blistering-fast grindcore with slow doom metal, but it's more than the band's signature sound.  This tim around there is a more experimental approach to the doom/grind genre Yeti helped spawn.

    The second side of the EP is called Salami.  This half is written by Frosty, the band's guitarist.  The tracks on this side are in vein of the standard doom/grind sound but with a bit more groove on tracks like "Wet Cement" and "Hole-In-the-Wall".

    This release may be the band's last with drum programmer Ge…

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  • Full Yeti Grand Master

    Earlier this year, TsT S4K split up.  The band was created by General MIDI (ex-Yeti) and Vomit Bag.  They are known for pioneering the blackened techno genre.  Today, they reappeared out of the blue with their second studio album: High In July.

    Free album download link: High In July on Bandcamp

    The album features 21 brand new tracks and a remix of their famous opus "Brutal Blackened Technocore".  A variety of guest musicians appear on the record, including Eric "Ed" Doughtry, Dickey, and Monoglio Feldalpus of the blackened techno band Los Borradores.


    • Let's Go
    • Mexin' It Up In the Truck
    • Technosplooge
    • Scenic Death
    • Piggy Bank
    • Brutal Blackened Technocore (Reprisal)
    • Jamaica 9000
    • Nukeopotomeus
    • Happy Birthday!
    • The Distributor of Swedish Fish

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    Earlier today, Wargore Records announced a "Live In Studio" show for May 23.  Metalheads are invited to watch bands signed to Wargore Records perform live at Wargore Recording Studio.

    Free admittance for everyone.  Only the first 101 guests will be allowed entry.

    The following bands will perform:

    • Cryptic Wisdom
    • Post-Human A.D.*
    • Resurrecting the Corpse**
    • Sarcophagus
    • Shepherd of Darkness***
    • Toxic Ingestion****

    [*]First live appearance.  Will announce details on first studio album.

    [**]Playing material from upcoming album: The Year We Made Contact.

    [***]Will announce details about next album.  Heading into studio right after show.

    [****]Playing material from upcoming album: Gore Storm (out June 12).

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    In honor of bigfoot hunters, conspiracy theorists, and metalheads everywhere, I have decided to make a list of the current top ten neandercore and squatch-themed metal songs.  The focus is on lyrical content more than what song is best.  For diversity, only one track is included per band.  Knowing how scene kids are really pissy about these lists, I must inform you that this is my opinion.  One thing remains true though: they walk among us.

    "Neanderthal" - Demolition Hammer

    Kicking off the list is a piece by the New York thrashers DEMOLITION HAMMER.  I think you get the idea: it's about when the knuckle-draggers ruled the Earth before man.  Apparently, some of them didn't evolve...

    "Black Sabbath" - Black Sabbath

    Bet ya didn't know the first h…

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