Beast of the 4th Degree

007 Beast of the 4th Degree
TypeCompilation/Studio Album
Genresludge metal, crossover thrash
Released  October 1, 2013
LabelRhino Records
PreviousDark Recesses of the 4th Degree

Beast of the 4th Degree is a compilation of tracks off of Yeti's first album, Dark Recesses of the 4th Degree.  It was released after Rhino Records deemed two-thirds of the album "unlistenable."

Track Listing

  1. Bajigger
  2. Luuurk (Edit)
  3. The Colour
  4. br00t4L Gold Bond
  5. Biebercore
  6. Jose & the Pussykats
  7. Dark Recesses
  8. Wow, That's Cool
  9. Dark Mountainside
  10. Nacht der un Yeti
  11. Beast On Beast
  12. Santillana/Bored As Hell