At War with Noisecore

At War with Noisecore
ArtistMorbid Clown
TypeStudio Album
ReleasedApril 1, 2015
Previous(A) Morbid Clown (E)

At War with Noisecore is the sixth studio album from the Florida noisecore band Morbid Clown.

This is the first release since the band's debut EP not to feature Gorator in the lineup.  It is also their first release not to be distributed by Rhino Records.

Track Listing

  1. Judgement Day
  2. Gendercide
  3. Droid Army
  4. Eye of the Storm
  5. Violence: A Political Solution
  6. Discordance
  7. Drug-Induced Warfare
  8. At War with Noisecore
  9. Wolverine X2
  10. Anatta
  11. Warbird Strike
  12. Face-Breaking Force
  13. Cauterized
  14. Star Blocade
  15. Invisible Kill-Team
  16. War Crimes (Forgotten In Time)
  17. MLRS
  18. Final Annihilation (The Debacle of Mankind)


  • E.T. - noise, vocals
  • UFO - vocals
  • Ike - drums
  • Wicked - guitar solos (tracks 12 & 17)

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