Armored Column

Armored column art
TypeStudio Album
Genredeath/grind, progressive metal
ReleasedFebruary 28, 2011
LabelWargore Records
PreviousThe Art of War
NextBlood Brothers

Armored Column is a studio album released by the death metal band Entrenched.The album takes a more progressive route as the band began to incorperate melody and harmony into their original harsh sound on tracks like "Dog Tags" and "All Things Dead".

Tracks 1-3 are all movements in the song "Armored Column".

Track Listing

  1. Armored Column I: Dawn of Eternity
  2. Armored Column II: Thunder Run
  3. Armored Column III: Leave No Man Behind
  4. Women & Children
  5. Ultraviolence
  6. Boot Camp
  7. Atrocities
  8. A.W.O.L.
  9. Counting Heads
  10. Coast-to-Coast
  11. Dog Tags
  12. Without Mercy, Without Remorse
  13. All Things Dead


  • Attila - bass, vocals
  • Hannibal - guitars, vocals
  • Spartacus - guitars
  • Achilles - drums

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