America Painted Red

ArtistSewer Nuke
Genregrindcore, death metal
Length4:56 ("Apocalyptic" version)
9:32 ("Post-Apocalyptic" version)
Released  February 21, 1998
PreviousSewer Society
NextCode Red / Def-Con

America Painted Red was the third and final demo from the grindcore band Sewer Nuke.  The demo continued the death metal-tinged grindcore sound from the previous demo.

Two versions were released with slightly different track listings.  The two versions are referred to as the "Apocalyptic" and "Post-Apocalyptic" versions.

Track Listing

"Apocalyptic" version

  1. Death from Above
  2. Defoliation Process
  3. Scabs
  4. Politically Corrupt

"Post-Apocalyptic" version

  1. Death from Above
  2. Politically Corrupt
  3. Defoliation Process
  4. Sewer-Cide [Gomorrah cover]


  • E.T. - lead vocals
  • Ed - bass, backing vocals
  • Wicked - rhythm guitar
  • R.J. - lead guitar
  • D. Allen Cooper - drums