8th Grade Field Trip

001 8th Grade Field Trip
TypeStudio Album
Genredeath/grind, man-chorus, hardcore punk
Released  unreleased
LabelRhino Records
PreviousThe Legacy
NextValentine's Day

8th Grade Field Trip is the second full-length by the Himalayan band Yeti.  Much like the band's first album, Dark Recesses of the 4th Degree, the album has not been released to the public.

The album returns to the band's roots in man-chorus and punk.

Track Listing

  1. Factoring Spaceship
  2. Yetic Attack
  3. Beast On Beast On Beast
  4. Crushed to Death (By Monkey)
  5. Howellin' for More
  6. ¿Está Jake?
  7. Alfanzi
  8. Volcanologist
  9. Pigrind
  10. Math
  11. O.A.E.B.C.R.
  12. Fudge Avalanche
  13. Whoreswarm
  14. Drunk at the Football Game
  15. Lube Factory
  16. Camelopards
  17. Mark and the Mormon Biscuits
  18. ¿Quién es Jake?
  19. Mashies
  20. Gifford Pinchot (Yetic Habitats)
  21. Tank Commander
  22. R.S.P.
  23. Ronny J. (Extended Mix)*
  24. On the Run*

[*]bonus tracks