225 Milkweed

225 Milkweed art
ArtistTsT S4K
TypeExtended Play
Genreavant-garde, blackened techno
Released  December 17, 2013
NextYeti / TsT S4K

225 Milkweed is the debut EP by the Finnish electronic duo TsT S4K. It is split into two sides with four tracks on each side.

Vomit Bag commented on the recording process:

"The General and I locked ourselves in a room and just made shit up as we went.  We didn't try to sound good, because we were portraying what we heard in modern popular music, although I have better vocals than any of them.  As for the titles, we just made them up as we went along.  They had little to nothing to do withe the subject matter."

Track Listing

Side A

  1. ​Facist
  2. Psycho Russian Mountain Men
  3. Brutal Blackened Technocore
  4. Daimyo (Japanese Poking Stick)

Side B

  1. Ballad of the Flaccid One
  2. Mexican Marching Band
  3. Blast Beetz
  4. A Slow Song About Some Random Crap